June 4, 2020

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Mobile app onboarding, Login, Signup page with #flutter.

repo name abuanwar072/Welcome-Login-Signup-Page-Flutter
repo link https://github.com/abuanwar072/Welcome-Login-Signup-Page-Flutter
homepage https://youtu.be/ExKYjqgswJg
language Dart
size (curr.) 452 kB
stars (curr.) 85
created 2020-04-29

Welcome page, Login Page and Sign up page - Flutter UI

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Packages we are using:

We design 3 screens first one is a welcome screen like then user open your app it shows then users have two options, if he has an account then press the login button and it just shifts him to the login screen or if he or she don’t have an account then press signup button its transfers to the signup screen.

Auth UI

App UI

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