October 26, 2020

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Sample sample scripts and notebooks on processing satellite imagery

repo name acgeospatial/Satellite_Imagery_Python
repo link https://github.com/acgeospatial/Satellite_Imagery_Python
language Jupyter Notebook
size (curr.) 15451 kB
stars (curr.) 71
created 2018-01-28


Sample sample scripts and notebooks on processing satellite imagery and Geospatial useful ‘things’ More scripts to come, hopefully this will be a place to reference in the future. Order below is the order I blogged about the topic.

  1. Check out the associated blog post for context related to the fastest image http://www.acgeospatial.co.uk/fastest-image-python/

  2. Associated blog post for context related to Shapefiles on the computer http://www.acgeospatial.co.uk/how-many-shapefiles-on-my-computer/

  3. Associated blog on rasterstats is here http://www.acgeospatial.co.uk/image-reducer-in-python/

  4. Associated blog on OpenCV and Leaflet is here http://www.acgeospatial.co.uk/opencv-and-leaflet-web-mapping/

  5. Associated blog on GeoPandas and Jupyter notebooks is here http://www.acgeospatial.co.uk/geopandas-shapefiles-jupyter/

  6. Associated blog on Unsupervised classification with Python and Sentinel 2 is here http://www.acgeospatial.co.uk/k-means-sentinel-2-python/

  7. Associated blog on sentinelsat (downloading Sentinel 2 images using Python) is here http://www.acgeospatial.co.uk/sentinelsat_demo/

  8. Associated blog on plotting rasters and vectors and clipping is here http://www.acgeospatial.co.uk/simple-plotting/

  9. Associated blog on COG and clipping a Landsat 8 image and downloading (& plotting) http://www.acgeospatial.co.uk/cog-part-2-python/

  10. Associated blog on discrete plotting rasters http://www.acgeospatial.co.uk/colour-bar-for-discrete-rasters-with-matplotlib/

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