May 1, 2019

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This repo contains chapters which explains how one can build a minimal express library.

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This series of chapters will teach you how to create the express library from scratch. This will help us understand how express actually works, behind the scenes. I will use the same code, variable names, and so forth from express itself, so that people can read this tutorial and feel free to contribute to express directly.


I find people do often get confused with how next works, or how route order works in express. By building the express library, we can gain a more solid understanding. Also, it’s fun!

Each chapter will build express step by step with running examples.

Here is the TOC:

  1. Chapter 01 – Building Express Abstractions
  2. Chapter 02 – Handling routes out of the box
  3. Chapter 03 – Implement next function
  4. Chapter 04 – Extending Response Object
  5. Chapter 05 – Implementing send/json on response
  6. Chapter 06 – Error Handling (WIP)
  7. More to come.


Its work in progress, but minimal working library and the corresponding tutorial is done.

Contributions Welcome

Feel free to improve this repo: grammar mistakes, technical glitches, maybe translations? Happy to accept PRs.



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