January 12, 2019

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Open deep learning compiler stack for cpu, gpu and specialized accelerators

repo name apache/incubator-tvm
repo link https://github.com/apache/incubator-tvm
homepage https://tvm.apache.org/
language Python
size (curr.) 23131 kB
stars (curr.) 5069
created 2016-10-12
license Apache License 2.0

Open Deep Learning Compiler Stack

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Apache TVM (incubating) is a compiler stack for deep learning systems. It is designed to close the gap between the productivity-focused deep learning frameworks, and the performance- and efficiency-focused hardware backends. TVM works with deep learning frameworks to provide end to end compilation to different backends.


© Contributors Licensed under an Apache-2.0 license.

Contribute to TVM

TVM adopts apache committer model, we aim to create an open source project that is maintained and owned by the community. Checkout the Contributor Guide


We learned a lot from the following projects when building TVM.

  • Halide: TVM uses HalideIR as data structure for arithmetic simplification and low level lowering. We also learned and adapted some part of lowering pipeline from Halide.
  • Loopy: use of integer set analysis and its loop transformation primitives.
  • Theano: the design inspiration of symbolic scan operator for recurrence.
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