September 11, 2019

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Extend cloud computing, data and service seamlessly to edge devices.

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Baetyl is an open edge computing framework of Linux Foundation Edge that extends cloud computing, data and service seamlessly to edge devices. It can provide temporary offline, low-latency computing services, and include device connect, message routing, remote synchronization, function computing, video access pre-processing, AI inference, device resources report etc. The combination of Baetyl and the Cloud Management Suite of BIE(Baidu IntelliEdge) will achieve cloud management and application distribution, enable applications running on edge devices and meet all kinds of edge computing scenario.

About architecture design, Baetyl takes modularization and containerization design mode. Based on the modular design pattern, Baetyl splits the product to multiple modules, and make sure each one of them is a separate, independent module. In general, Baetyl can fully meet the conscientious needs of users to deploy on demand. Besides, Baetyl also takes containerization design mode to build images. Due to the cross-platform characteristics of docker to ensure the running environment of each operating system is consistent. In addition, Baetyl also isolates and limits the resources of containers, and allocates the CPU, memory and other resources of each running instance accurately to improve the efficiency of resource utilization.


  • Shielding Computing Framework: Baetyl provides two official computing modules(Local Function Module and Python Runtime Module), also supports customize module(which can be written in any programming language or any machine learning framework).
  • Simplify Application Production: Baetyl combines with Cloud Management Suite of BIE and many other productions of Baidu Cloud(such as CFC, Infinite, EasyEdge, TSDB, IoT Visualization) to provide data calculation, storage, visible display, model training and many more abilities.
  • Service Deployment on Demand: Baetyl adopts containerization and modularization design, and each module runs independently and isolated. Developers can choose modules to deploy based on their own needs.
  • Support multiple platforms: Baetyl supports multiple hardware and software platforms, such as X86 and ARM CPU, Linux and Darwin operating systems.


As an edge computing platform, Baetyl not only provides features such as underlying service management, but also provides some basic functional modules, as follows:

  • Baetyl Master is responsible for the management of service instances, such as start, stop, supervise, etc., consisting of Engine, API, Command Line. And supports two modes of running service: native process mode and docker container mode
  • The official module baetyl-agent is responsible for communication with the BIE cloud management suite, which can be used for application delivery, device information reporting, etc. Mandatory certificate authentication to ensure transmission security;
  • The official module baetyl-hub provides message subscription and publishing functions based on the MQTT protocol, and supports four access methods: TCP, SSL, WS, and WSS;
  • The official module baetyl-remote-mqtt is used to bridge two MQTT Servers for message synchronization and supports configuration of multiple message route rules. ;
  • The official module baetyl-function-manager provides computing power based on MQTT message mechanism, flexible, high availability, good scalability, and fast response;
  • The official module baetyl-function-python27 provides the Python2.7 function runtime, which can be dynamically started by baetyl-function-manager;
  • The official module baetyl-function-python36 provides the Python3.6 function runtime, which can be dynamically started by baetyl-function-manager;
  • The official module baetyl-function-node85 provides the Node 8.5 function runtime, which can be dynamically started by baetyl-function-manager;
  • SDK (Golang) can be used to develop custom modules.







If you are passionate about contributing to open source community, Baetyl will provide you with both code contributions and document contributions. More details, please see: How to contribute code or document to Baetyl.

Contact us

As the first open edge computing framework in China, Baetyl aims to create a lightweight, secure, reliable and scalable edge computing community that will create a good ecological environment. In order to create a better development of Baetyl, if you have better advice about Baetyl, please contact us:

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