November 12, 2020

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A collection of lightweight React components and hooks to build diagrams with ease

repo name beautifulinteractions/beautiful-react-diagrams
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language JavaScript
size (curr.) 2016 kB
stars (curr.) 1704
created 2020-03-10
license MIT License

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💡 Why?

Javascript diagramming libraries are often difficult to integrate in React projects. Different patterns not always fit the React nature and having a component’s state in in sync with an external diagramming library might be quite difficult especially when the latter had been built in a different paradigm (such as MVC, for example).

For this reason we created beautiful-react-diagrams an easy-to-customise functional diagramming library to build diagrams with ease.

🎓 Principles

  • Lightweights: import nothing but a single lightweight javascript.
  • Controlled components: exports controlled components only.
  • Renderers: the involved components can be easily replaced with your own by using the renderer props.
  • Easy to style: built using CSS vars only.

☕️ Features

  • Concise API
  • Small and lightweight
  • Easy to use
  • Easy to customise


Contributions are very welcome and wanted.

To submit your custom pull request, please make sure your read our CONTRIBUTING guidelines.

Before submitting a new pull request, please make sure:

  1. You have updated the package.json version and reported your changes into the CHANGELOG file
  2. make sure you run npm run lint, npm build and then npm test before submitting your merge request.
  3. make sure you’ve added the documentation of your changes.
  4. if you’ve changed the signature of a component, please make sure you’ve updated the index.d.ts file.


This library is provided and sponsored by:

As part of our commitment to support and contribute to the open source community.

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