October 18, 2019

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A PyTorch implementation of “Capsule Graph Neural Network” (ICLR 2019).

repo name benedekrozemberczki/CapsGNN
repo link https://github.com/benedekrozemberczki/CapsGNN
language Python
size (curr.) 4866 kB
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created 2019-01-29
license GNU General Public License v3.0

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A PyTorch implementation of “Capsule Graph Neural Network” (ICLR 2019).


This repository provides a PyTorch implementation of CapsGNN as described in the paper:

Capsule Graph Neural Network. Zhang Xinyi, Lihui Chen. ICLR, 2019. [Paper]

The core Capsule Neural Network implementation adapted is available [here].


The codebase is implemented in Python 3.5.2. package versions used for development are just below.

networkx          2.4
tqdm              4.28.1
numpy             1.15.4
pandas            0.23.4
texttable         1.5.0
scipy             1.1.0
argparse          1.1.0
torch             1.1.0
torch-scatter     1.4.0
torch-sparse      0.4.3
torch-cluster     1.4.5
torch-geometric   1.3.2
torchvision       0.3.0


Every JSON file has the following key-value structure:

{"edges": [[0, 1],[1, 2],[2, 3],[3, 4]],
 "labels": {"0": "A", "1": "B", "2": "C", "3": "A", "4": "B"},
 "target": 1}



Input and output options

  --training-graphs   STR    Training graphs folder.      Default is `dataset/train/`.
  --testing-graphs    STR    Testing graphs folder.       Default is `dataset/test/`.
  --prediction-path   STR    Output predictions file.     Default is `output/watts_predictions.csv`.

Model options

  --epochs                      INT     Number of epochs.                  Default is 100.
  --batch-size                  INT     Number fo graphs per batch.        Default is 32.
  --gcn-filters                 INT     Number of filters in GCNs.         Default is 20.
  --gcn-layers                  INT     Number of GCNs chained together.   Default is 2.
  --inner-attention-dimension   INT     Number of neurons in attention.    Default is 20.  
  --capsule-dimensions          INT     Number of capsule neurons.         Default is 8.
  --number-of-capsules          INT     Number of capsules in layer.       Default is 8.
  --weight-decay                FLOAT   Weight decay of Adam.              Defatuls is 10^-6.
  --lambd                       FLOAT   Regularization parameter.          Default is 0.5.
  --theta                       FLOAT   Reconstruction loss weight.        Default is 0.1.
  --learning-rate               FLOAT   Adam learning rate.                Default is 0.01.


The following commands learn a model and save the predictions. Training a model on the default dataset:

$ python src/main.py

Training a CapsGNNN model for a 100 epochs.

$ python src/main.py --epochs 100

Changing the batch size.

$ python src/main.py --batch-size 128
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