March 15, 2020

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Location for summaries and analysis of data related to n-CoV 2019, first reported in Wuhan, China

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Location for summaries and analyses of data related to n-CoV 2019, first reported in Wuhan, China.


We first want to thank all those individuals and organizations across the world who have been willing and able to report data in as open and timely manner as possible. This work attempts to synthesize information from across a myriad set of data sources (which are listed below). A number of individuals have contributed to the specific data added here and their names and details are listed below along with a citation.

Reconstructed line lists

Line lists also posted and updated at

Daily updates on the line list are posted in the dataset_archive folder.

Co-morbidity estimates

Co-morbidity data may facilitate CFR estimation processes

Datasets derived from Global Burden of Disease on prevalence rates of known co-morbidities, including Diabetes mellitus, Cardiovascular Disease, and Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disorder. For more information on these estimates please see metadata and

alt_text alt_text

Global Demographic information

Global demographics, with age and sex structure are provided. These are mirrors of estimates from the Global Burden of Disease 2017, publically available here - For further information please consult



Current sources used Last updated 25th January

Specific Contributors

Name Email Twitter Github
Isha Berry @ishaberry2
Darlan Candido @candido_darlan
Nuno Faria @nmrfaria
Lauren Goodwin
Bernardo Gutierrez @B_Gutierrez_G
Sarah Hill @Hill_SarahC
Liz Hurley
Moritz Kraemer @mougk @mougk
Anastasia Lambrou @anasophlambrou
Sabrina Li @sabrinalyli
Alyssa Loskill
Sumiko Mekaru @Sumiko_Mekaru
Julia Morgan
Sang Woo Park @sang_woo_park @parksw3
David Pigott @davidmpigott
Sam Scarpino @svscarpino
Kara Sewalk @kara_sewalk
Lin Wang @fdlwang
Jessie Wu @jessiewu
Bo Xu @BoXu55686629 @BoXu123
Alexander Zabreski


As the data are updated regularly, please update the retrieval date in the howpublished field.

  author =       {nCoV-2019 Data Working Group},
  title =        {{Epidemiological Data from the nCoV-2019 Outbreak: Early
                  Descriptions from Publicly Available Data}},
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  year =         2020
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