March 8, 2019

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GitHub repository for “Improving Video Generation for Multi-functional Applications”

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Improving Video Generation for Multi-functional Applications

GitHub repository for “Improving Video Generation for Multi-functional Applications”

Paper Link

For more information please refer to our homepage.


  • Tensorflow 1.2.1
  • Python 2.7
  • ffmpeg

Data Format

Videos are stored as JPEGs of vertically stacked frames. Every frame needs to be at least 64x64 pixels; videos contain between 16 and 32 frames. For an example datasets see:



Important Parameters:

  • mode: one of ‘generate’, ‘predict’, ‘bw2rgb’, ‘inpaint’ depending on weather you want to generate videos, predict future frames, colorize videos or do inpainting.
  • batch_size: Recommended 64, for colorization use 32 for memory issues.
  • root_dir: root directory of dataset
  • index_file: must be in root_dir, containing a list of all training data clips; path relative to root_dir.
  • experiment_name: name of experiment
  • output_every: output loss to stdout and write to tensorboard summary every xx steps.
  • sample_every: generate a visual sample every xx steps.
  • save_model_very: save the model every xx steps.
  • recover_model: if true recover model and continue training
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