December 25, 2019

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Repository of sentinel alerts and hunting queries leveraging sysmon and the MITRE ATT&CK framework

repo name BlueTeamLabs/sentinel-attack
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language HCL
size (curr.) 34668 kB
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created 2019-05-30
license MIT License


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Sentinel ATT&CK aims to simplify the rapid deployment of a threat hunting capability that leverages Sysmon and MITRE ATT&CK on Azure Sentinel.

DISCLAIMER: This tool is not a magic bullet. It will require tuning and real investigative work to be truly effective in your environment.



Sentinel ATT&CK provides the following set of tools:


Head over to the WIKI to learn how to deploy and run Sentinel ATT&CK.

A copy of the DEF CON 27 cloud village presentation introducing Sentinel ATT&CK can be found here and here.


As this repository is constantly being updated and worked on, if you spot any problems we warmly welcome pull requests or submissions on the issue tracker.

Authors and contributors

Sentinel ATT&CK is built with ❤ by:

  • Edoardo Gerosa Twitter Follow

Special thanks go to the following contributors:

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