November 7, 2020

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This holds iPython notebooks and lecture slides for the Intro to Data Science Master's course I teach at NYU.

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This is the repo supporting Intro to Data Science (DS-GA-1001) for the NYU Center for Data Science. For homework assignments, quizzes, exams and course grades, please log in to NYU Classes.

This repo contains reference iPython notebooks and Labs. It is recommended to fork this repo so that it move to your own Github account. These notebooks are updated on a regular basis, so it is advisable to pull with each use. However, you’ll want to work out a system to make sure you don’t accidentally overwrite any edits you’ve made when pulling. One example is to copy each file and add a ‘_YourName’ extention to it, leaving the original untouched.

I will start this year to invite pull requests, but I’ll only merge them if you can present and explain the learning value of your changes (i.e., how might your change represent code or methodology that best exemplifies certain core principles of data science or python programming?) For students who successfully get their requests merged, I’ll offer extra credit.

The course syllabus can be found here.

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