February 9, 2019

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Event-based Scripting for Kubernetes.

repo name brigadecore/brigade
repo link https://github.com/brigadecore/brigade
homepage https://brigade.sh/
language Go
size (curr.) 71184 kB
stars (curr.) 1901
created 2017-10-23
license Apache License 2.0

Brigade: Event-based Scripting for Kubernetes

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Script simple and complex workflows using JavaScript. Chain together containers, running them in parallel or serially. Fire scripts based on times, GitHub events, Docker pushes, or any other trigger. Brigade is the tool for creating pipelines for Kubernetes.

  • JavaScript scripting
  • Project-based management
  • Configurable event hooks
  • Easy construction of pipelines
  • Check out the docs to get started.

The Brigade Technology Stack

  • Brigade :heart: JavaScript: Writing Brigade pipelines is as easy as writing a few lines of JavaScript.
  • Brigade :heart: Kubernetes: Brigade is Kubernetes-native. Your builds are translated into pods, secrets, and services
  • Brigade :heart: Docker: No need for special plugins or elaborate extensions. Brigade uses off-the-shelf Docker images to run your jobs. And Brigade also supports DockerHub webhooks.
  • Brigade :heart: GitHub: Brigade comes with built-in support for GitHub, DockerHub, and other popular web services. And it can be easily extended to support your own services.

The design introduction introduces Brigade concepts and architecture.


Check out the quickstart on the docs here.

Brigade :heart: Developers

To get started head to the developer’s guide

Brigade is well-tested on Minikube and Azure Kubernetes Service.


The Brigade project accepts contributions via GitHub pull requests. The Contributing document outlines the process to help get your contribution accepted.

Support & Feedback

We have a slack channel! Kubernetes/#brigade Feel free to join for any support questions or feedback, we are happy to help. To report an issue or to request a feature open an issue here


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