October 27, 2018

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Terminal in browser over http/https. (Ajaxterm/Anyterm alternative, but much better)

repo name butlerx/wetty
repo link https://github.com/butlerx/wetty
language TypeScript
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created 2014-03-29
license MIT License

WeTTY = Web + TTY.

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Terminal access in browser over http/https

Terminal over HTTP and https. WeTTy is an alternative to ajaxterm and anyterm but much better than them because WeTTy uses xterm.js which is a full fledged implementation of terminal emulation written entirely in JavaScript. WeTTy uses websockets rather then Ajax and hence better response time.


  • node >=6.9
  • make
  • python
  • build-essential


yarn global add wetty


wetty [-h] [--port PORT] [--base BASE] [--sshhost SSH_HOST] [--sshport SSH_PORT] [--sshuser SSH_USER] [--host HOST] [--command COMMAND] [--forcessh] [--bypasshelmet] [--title TITLE] [--sslkey SSL_KEY_PATH] [--sslcert SSL_CERT_PATH]

Open your browser on http://yourserver:3000/wetty and you will prompted to login. Or go to http://yourserver:3000/wetty/ssh/<username> to specify the user before hand.

If you run it as root it will launch /bin/login (where you can specify the user name), else it will launch ssh and connect by default to localhost. The SSH connection can be forced using the --forcessh option.

If instead you wish to connect to a remote host you can specify the --sshhost option, the SSH port using the --sshport option and the SSH user using the --sshuser option.

Check out the Flags docs for a full list of flags


Check out the docs

What browsers are supported?

WeTTy supports all browsers that xterm.js supports.


👤 Cian Butler butlerx@notthe.cloud

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Please read the development docs for installing from source and running is dev node

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