May 15, 2020

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A swiss army knife for pentesting networks

repo name byt3bl33d3r/CrackMapExec
repo link
language Python
size (curr.) 6035 kB
stars (curr.) 3679
created 2015-08-14
license BSD 2-Clause “Simplified” License

Supported Python versions



(These are the people who did the hard stuff)

This project was originally inspired by:

Unintentional contributors:

  • The Empire project
  • @T-S-A’s smbspider script
  • @ConsciousHacker’s partial Python port of Invoke-obfuscation from the GreatSCT project

This repository contains the following repositories as submodules:

Documentation, Tutorials, Examples

See the project’s wiki for documentation and usage examples


Please see the installation wiki page here.

How to fund my tea & sushi reserve

If you use CrackMapExec a lot (especially if it’s used commercially), please consider donating as a lot of time & effort went into building & maintaining this.

Press the “Sponsor” button on the top of this page to see ways of donating/sponsoring this project.

To do

  • 0wn everything
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