October 31, 2019

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The Design Tips series, now in TailwindCSS

repo name caneco/design-tips
repo link https://github.com/caneco/design-tips
homepage https://design-tips.caneco.xyz
language HTML
size (curr.) 45 kB
stars (curr.) 528
created 2019-04-26
license MIT License

The β€œπŸ”₯ Design Tips” series, now in TailwindCSS

If you know the collection of design tips that Steve Schoger has been sharing on twitter for the past years now made with TailwindCSS (and HTML).

This might be helpful to Tailwind newcommers or someone that needs the markup for a component – Feel free to use them.

The Collection

There are the ones done so far…


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Tailored by @caneco; designed by @steveschoger && @adamwathan.

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