November 23, 2018

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An open-source graph database

repo name cayleygraph/cayley
repo link
language Go
size (curr.) 20048 kB
stars (curr.) 13224
created 2014-06-05
license Apache License 2.0

Build Status Container Repository

Cayley is an open-source database for Linked Data. It is inspired by the graph database behind Google’s Knowledge Graph (formerly Freebase).

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  • Built-in query editor, visualizer and REPL
  • Multiple query languages:
  • Modular: easy to connect to your favorite programming languages and back-end stores
  • Production ready: well tested and used by various companies for their production workloads
  • Fast: optimized specifically for usage in applications


Rough performance testing shows that, on 2014 consumer hardware and an average disk, 134m quads in LevelDB is no problem and a multi-hop intersection query – films starring X and Y – takes ~150ms.


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