November 3, 2020

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An ongoing list of pandas quirks

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created 2020-06-29


This repo contains a few peculiar things I’ve learned about pandas that have made my life easier and my code faster. This post isn’t a friendly tutorial for beginners, but a friendly introduction to pandas weirdness.

What’s in this repo?

  1. pandas is column-major, which is why row-based operations are slow
  2. SettingWithCopyWarning, or why we can’t have nice things
  3. Indexing and slicing
  4. Accessors
  5. Data exploration
  6. Common pitfalls

I’ll continue updating this repo as I have more time. As I’m still learning pandas quirks, feedback is much appreciated.

Thanks Luke Metz, Vikram Tiwari, and Karson Elmgren for reviewing!

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