November 19, 2020

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A tool to intentionally discover valuable videos

repo name chris-lovejoy/YouTube-video-finder
repo link
language Python
size (curr.) 40 kB
stars (curr.) 231
created 2020-05-26
license MIT License


The project

The purpose of this project is to enable users to find valuable YouTube videos of their interest independent of YouTube’s recommendation system. For a more detailed explanation of the project, it’s purpose and how it was made, see this post on Medium.



You will need to acquire a YouTube v3 API key, which you can do so easily here. A helpful video outlining the process can be found here. After obtaining the API key, enter it as a string into the config.yaml file.


All requirements are contained within requirements.txt.

To install them, execute the following from the root directory:

pip install -r requirements.txt


After configuring config.yaml and installing requirements, the function can be executed from the command line using:

python3 'search term 1' 'search term 2'

The default search period is 7 days, but this can be modified with the ‘–search-period’ argument.

For example:

python3 'machine learning' 'medical school' --search-period 10

This will call the function and output will be printed into the console.

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