July 4, 2019

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A terminal based graphical activity monitor inspired by gtop and vtop

repo name cjbassi/gotop
repo link https://github.com/cjbassi/gotop
language Go
size (curr.) 3559 kB
stars (curr.) 6647
created 2018-02-19
license GNU Affero General Public License v3.0

NO LONGER MAINTAINED. Future development has moved to ytop, a Rust port of gotop. A maintained fork of gotop also exists at https://github.com/xxxserxxx/gotop.

Another terminal based graphical activity monitor, inspired by gtop and vtop, this time written in Go!


Working and tested on Linux, FreeBSD and macOS. Windows support is planned. OpenBSD works with some caveats.


go get github.com/cjbassi/gotop

Prebuilt binaries

Note: Doesn’t require Go.

Clone the repo and then run scripts/download.sh to download the correct binary for your system from the releases tab:

git clone --depth 1 https://github.com/cjbassi/gotop /tmp/gotop

Then move gotop into your $PATH somewhere.

Arch Linux

Install gotop, gotop-bin, or gotop-git from the AUR.


pkg install gotop


brew tap cjbassi/gotop
brew install gotop


snap install gotop-cjbassi

Note: You may need to enable certain permissions for all of the widgets to work:

snap connect gotop-cjbassi:hardware-observe
snap connect gotop-cjbassi:mount-observe
snap connect gotop-cjbassi:system-observe



  • Quit: q or <C-c>
  • Process navigation
    • k and <Up>: up
    • j and <Down: down
    • <C-u>: half page up
    • <C-d>: half page down
    • <C-b>: full page up
    • <C-f>: full page down
    • gg and <Home>: jump to top
    • G and <End>: jump to bottom
  • Process actions:
    • <Tab>: toggle process grouping
    • dd: kill selected process or group of processes
  • Process sorting
    • c: CPU
    • m: Mem
    • p: PID
  • CPU and Mem graph scaling:
    • h: scale in
    • l: scale out
  • ?: toggles keybind help menu


  • click to select process
  • mouse wheel to scroll through processes


gotop ships with a few colorschemes which can be set with the -c flag followed by the name of one. You can find all the colorschemes in the colorschemes folder.

To make a custom colorscheme, check out the template for instructions and then use default.json as a starter. Then put the file at ~/.config/gotop/<name>.json and load it with gotop -c <name>. Colorschemes PR’s are welcome!

CLI Options

-c, --color=NAME Set a colorscheme.
-m, --minimal Only show CPU, Mem and Process widgets.
-r, --rate=RATE Number of times per second to update CPU and Mem widgets [default: 1].
-V, --version Print version and exit.
-p, --percpu Show each CPU in the CPU widget.
-a, --averagecpu Show average CPU in the CPU widget.
-s, --statusbar Show a statusbar with the time.
-b, --battery Show battery level widget (minimal turns off). preview -i, --interface=NAME Select network interface [default: all].

Built With

Stargazers over time

Stargazers over time

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