April 9, 2020

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Lecture Files - Spring 2020

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Lectures (Sp20)

Course materials will be organized by week.

Each week’s materials contain a README explaining what is due throughout the week and where to find all course materials.

Weekly Plan

Week General Topic Link to Materials
Course How-tos how_tos
01 Introduction to Data Science 01_data_science
02 Version Control & Data 02_git_data
03 Data Wrangling 03_wrangling
04 Data Visualization 04_viz
05 Data Analysis 05_analysis
06 Inference 06_inference
07 Machine Learning 07_machine_learning
08 Geospatial Analysis 08_geospatial
09 Dimensionality Reduction & Data Science Jobs 09_jobs
10 Data Science Communication & The Future 10_communication
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