June 13, 2020

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Open Source / i18n / Cross Platform Contact Tracing App by exposure notification framework.

repo name Covid-19Radar/Covid19Radar
repo link https://github.com/Covid-19Radar/Covid19Radar
homepage https://github.com/Covid-19Radar/Covid19Radar/blob/master/CONTRIBUTING.md
language C#
size (curr.) 119198 kB
stars (curr.) 683
created 2020-04-22
license Other

COVID-19Radar (English)/(Japanese)

Now, We move to GitHub Org Project Covid19Radar

We are looking for translator reviewers, Please see How to Translate application page.

iOS Build Master Branch status iOS Build status

Android Build Master Branch status Android Build status

This app uses Exposure Notification / Bluetooth LE to get the contact logs of each other.
App Description

Thank you for Your Contribution !!! Contributors List

We welcome contributions and pull requests. Please check the contribution rules. Contribute Rule

How to install the app for tester

Please install the app for the test from the below link. Currently, it is not possible to test until the SDK by Google / Apple is released to each beta version.



Device configuration guide for a tester:



Device configuration guide for a tester:

Development environment

This application uses Xamarin Forms (iOS and Android) with C# and Prism (MVVM DryIoC). You can develop with Visual Studio for Windows or Visual Studio for Mac.


App settings

Permission to use the following functions of the device is required.

  1. Exposure notification
  2. Bluetooth
  3. Local Notification

After the setup is complete, the contact log between the people who have installed this app is automatically recorded.

About the design

We use Adobe XD to create our designs.

Full screen view

If you want to check your design files, install Adobe XD. (available for free).

App Prototypes

You can check the screen transition by accessing the following URL.

Prototype mock (Japanese version only)


COVID-19Radar is licensed under the Mozilla Public License Version 2.0. See LICENSE for the full license text.

The following are additional items in this license depending on the intention of the original author. In Addition to MPL, this project not permit exercise of moral rights of co-authors. Dispute or litigation by each author is not allowed.

About 3rd Party Software

This file incorporates components from the projects listed document.

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