March 5, 2020

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COVID-19 workflows and datasets.

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2019-nCoV Data Processing Pipelines and datasets

We are looking for volunteers who want to contribute to the cleaning of the raw datasets!

Join the chat at

This repository hosts workflows to process several data sources and cleaned datasets for COVID-19 cases across the world.

Data sources

Currently used

Not used at the moment

Data Outputs and Usages

Daily case data based on WHO report, cleaned by Our World in Data

  • output/cases/cases_WHO.csv: This converts the CSV dataset cleaned by Our World in Data team by using ISO 3166 Alpha-3 country code. It also fills up non-existing dates so that for every country, the dataset starts from the same date (Jan. 21st). One may want to combine this with country-level metadata or alternative country names here.

Daily case data in JSON

Country name conversion table

Country metadata

Location data


Install pandas and snakemake using conda.

conda install -c bioconda -c conda-forge snakemake pandas

or pip:

pip install pandas snakemake
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