September 14, 2019

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Compilation of public failure/horror stories related to Serverless, inspired by hjacobs/kubernetes-failure-stories

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Serverless Failure Stories

A compiled list to public failure/horror stories related to serverless infrastructure, heavily inspired by hjacobs/kubernetes-failure-stories

Most recent publications on top.


Serverless applications tend to be fairly complex with many albeit relatively simple moving parts. Its ecosystem is constantly evolving and adding even more into the mix.

Considering this environment, we don’t hear enough real-world horror stories to learn from each other!

This compilation of failure stories should make it easier for people dealing with serverless applications to learn from others and reduce the unknown unknowns of running serverless in production.


Please help the community and share a link to your failure story by opening a Pull Request! Failure stories can be anything like blog posts, conference/meetup talks, incident postmortems, tweet storms, …

I would also be glad to hear about your failure stories on Twitter: my handle is @magheru_san

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