January 12, 2021

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Set of icons representing programming languages, designing & development tools

repo name devicons/devicon
repo link https://github.com/devicons/devicon
homepage https://devicon.dev
language Python
size (curr.) 72837 kB
stars (curr.) 3099
created 2014-03-01
license MIT License

Devicon v2


Devicon aims to gather all logos representing development languages and tools. Each icon comes in several versions: font/svg, original/plain/line, colored/not colored, wordmark/no wordmark.

Devicon has 80+ icons and 200+ versions. And it’s growing!

See all available icons on the new website.

Icon requests

When you want to request a icon please feel feel to create a issue. See our contribution guidelines for more information.

How to use

For a super fast setup go check https://devicons.github.io/devicon/

2 ways of using devicon:

SVG icons

<!--  for git plain version -->
<svg class="devicon-git-plain" viewBox="0 0 128 128">
  <path fill="#F34F29" d="M124.742,58.378L69.625,3.264c-3.172-3.174-8.32-3.174-11.497,0L46.685,14.71l14.518,14.518c3.375-1.139,7.243-0.375,9.932,2.314c2.703,2.706,3.462,6.607,2.293,9.993L87.42,55.529c3.385-1.167,7.292-0.413,9.994,2.295c3.78,3.777,3.78,9.9,0,13.679c-3.78,3.78-9.901,3.78-13.683,0c-2.842-2.844-3.545-7.019-2.105-10.521L68.578,47.933l-0.002,34.341c0.922,0.455,1.791,1.063,2.559,1.828c3.779,3.777,3.779,9.898,0,13.683c-3.779,3.777-9.904,3.777-13.679,0c-3.778-3.784-4.088-9.905-0.311-13.683C58.079,83.169,59,82.464,60,81.992V47.333c-1-0.472-1.92-1.172-2.856-2.111c-2.861-2.86-3.396-7.06-1.928-10.576L40.983,20.333L3.229,58.123c-3.175,3.177-3.155,8.325,0.02,11.5l55.126,55.114c3.173,3.174,8.325,3.174,11.503,0l54.86-54.858C127.913,66.703,127.916,61.552,124.742,58.378z"/>
  • Add css rules in your stylesheet
.devicon-git-plain {
  max-width: 2em;

/* if you want to change the original color */
.devicon-git-plain path {
  fill: #4691f6;

Icons font

  • Upload devicon.min.css and font files to your project
  • Note: the devicon.css file is not the same as the devicon.min.css. It doesn’t contain any colors or aliases.
  <link rel="stylesheet" href="devicon.min.css">
  • Add icon using <i> tag
  <!--  for git plain version -->
  <i class="devicon-git-plain"></i>

  <!--  for git plain version with wordmark -->
  <i class="devicon-git-plain-wordmark"></i>

  <!--  for git plain version colored with git main color (devicon-color.css or devicon.min.css required) -->
  <i class="devicon-git-plain colored"></i>

  <!--  for git plain version with wordmark colored with git main color (devicon-color.css or devicon.min.css required) -->
  <i class="devicon-git-plain-wordmark colored"></i>
NPM and Bower packages

You can install devicon as a dependency to your project either with NPM or Bower

  // NPM
  npm install --save devicon
  // Bower
  bower install --save devicon

Final font is build with Icomoon app

See the devicon.json file or devicon website for complete and up to date reference of icon’s available versions.


Please have a look at the CONTRIBUTING.md file

Under MIT Licence

All product names, logos, and brands are property of their respective owners. All company, product and service names used in this website are for identification purposes only. Use of these names, logos, and brands does not imply endorsement.

Go build yourself


Install gulp (and gulp plugins)

npm install

Build the font and export stylesheet

Open icomoon app and import icomoon.json. Choose yes when beeing asked if you like to restore the settings stored in the configuration file.

The next step is to click on Generate font and download the resulting archive. Extract it contents and you will find a fonts directory next to a style.css. Replace the content of the fonts folder, rename the style.css to devicon.css and follow the next step to build the final stylesheet.

Build and minify stylesheet

Run the following command to build the resulting file devicon.min.css

npm run build-css
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