November 24, 2018

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Under 1KB each! Super Tiny Icons are miniscule SVG versions of your favourite website and app logos

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Super Tiny Icons

Under 1KB each! Super Tiny Web Icons are minuscule SVG versions of your favourite logos. The average size is under 465 bytes!

The logos have a 512x512 viewbox, they will fit in a circle with radius 256. They will scale up and down to suit your needs.

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How Small?

542 Bytes SVG 1,309 Bytes PNG 433 Bytes SVG 1,246 Bytes PNG 250 Bytes SVG 1,243 Bytes PNG

What’s Available so far?

Social Media












Operating Systems / Kernel



Why so smallious?

Bytes cost money. They cost money to store, transport, and process. Simplicity should be our goal in all endeavours.

Scream if you want to go smaller

These files were edited by hand in Inkscape, then were minified using svgo and svgcleaner. Further smallification may be possible. Try it!

  • Each of these has an xmlns="" in the <svg> tag. This isn’t strictly necessary - but some web browsers won’t display them as an image without it.
  • Rounded corners can be dropped - rx="80" - the effect can be done in CSS if you want.
  • The background colour can also be excluded if you’re including it elsewhere.
  • Colours can be simplified. #FF0000 becomes red.
  • The precision of the paths is mostly 0 decimal places. A few logos have 1 or 2 dp to make them look more accurate. The precision can be reduced if necessary.

Think you can make them smaller? Tell me by raising an issue!

Want more icons? Tell me by raising an issue!

Think the icons look wrong? Compare them against the official logos. If they still look wrong, tell me by raising an issue!

New! Icons also available in Android Vector Drawables so you can easily use them in Android apps. Converted using - not guaranteed to be under 1KB.

Submitting Icons

I’d love you to submit something 😸 The rules are simple, your icon must:

  • be under 1024 bytes. That is, the maximum file size is 1023 bytes. No arguments.
  • fit inside a circle with radius 256 pixels. Set rx="50%" to check.
  • represent a popular service’s current logo.


At a minimum, your icon needs these components:

   aria-label="..." role="img"
   viewBox="0 0 512 512">
      width="512" height="512"

Icon accessibility

The super tiny icons are accessible by default. Each icon has:

  • role="img", to expose the <svg> elements as images in the browser’s accessibility tree
  • aria-label="XYZ" (where XYZ is the icon’s brand name), to give the icon an accessible name

Note: if using the <svg> as the src for an <img> element, the alt attribute should still be used on the <img> element because the ARIA is not recognised in this context.

CSS-Tricks has also an article about accessible SVG icons.


This is the standard guideline. Use this to help with sizing your icons and they will look good no matter what border radius is chosen.

  • Green is the safe zone, where the main body of the icon should be.
  • Yellow is like a road shoulder, it is there if more space is needed. It should be used for protruding elements, like corners or ornaments.
  • Red is off limits. It should not be touched by the icons. Red is also how a circular icon would look.


npm install --save super-tiny-icons


The old-school way:

<img src="./node_modules/super-tiny-icons/images/svg/github.svg" />

The modern way, the React (JSX) example:

import logo from "super-tiny-icons/images/svg/github.svg";

<img src={logo} />;

The demo repository bootstrapped with create-react-app: create-react-app-super-tiny-icons


Code Contributors

This project exists thanks to all the people who contribute. [Contribute].

Financial Contributors

Become a financial contributor and help us sustain our community. [Contribute]



Support this project with your organization. Your logo will show up here with a link to your website. [Contribute]


The majority of these vector logos are based on someone else’s work.

From SVGporn - CC0

IBM, Yammer, Android, Authy, Cloudflare, CodePen, DigitalOcean, Discord, Airbnb, WiFi, Delicious, Open Source, Patreon

Where possible, they retain their original licenses. Some logos may be subject to copyright and trademark laws, but these files are small enough to memorise.

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