November 17, 2020

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The USRP Hardware Driver Repository

repo name EttusResearch/uhd
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language Verilog
size (curr.) 128545 kB
stars (curr.) 509
created 2013-03-27
license Other

USRP Hardware Driver (UHD™) Software

Welcome to the UHD™ software distribution! UHD is the free & open-source software driver and API for the Universal Software Radio Peripheral (USRP™) SDR platform, created and sold by Ettus Research.

UHD supports all Ettus Research USRP™ hardware, including all motherboards and daughterboards, and the combinations thereof.


For technical documentation related to USRP™ hardware or UHD system design, check out the UHD and USRP Manual. That is where you can find Installation Instructions, help on how to build UHD from source on different platforms, development guidelines and reference documentation as well as device usage guidance.

Additionally, be sure to check out the Ettus Research FAQ, and the Knowledge Base for useful application notes and tutorials.

OS Support

UHD is primarily developed on Linux, but we also test and support the following operating systems.

  • Linux (Fedora and Ubuntu)
  • Mac OS X (Intel)
  • Windows 10

Other operating systems will most likely work, too, but are not officially supported.


UHD can be used to build stand-alone applications with USRP™ hardware, or with third-party applications. Some common toolkits / frameworks are:



The source code for the user-space driver.


The source code for the module peripheral manager (MPM). This is code that is run on embedded devices.


The source code for all microprocessors in USRP hardware.


The source code for the UHD FPGA images.


This contains the package builder for FPGA and firmware images. We provide other tools to download image packages, the scripts in here are mainly relevant for UHD maintainers and -developers.


Additional tools, mainly for debugging purposes. See the readme-file in that directory for more details on the individual tools.

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