January 16, 2019

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ARCore SDK for Android Studio

repo name google-ar/arcore-android-sdk
repo link https://github.com/google-ar/arcore-android-sdk
homepage https://developers.google.com/ar
language C++
size (curr.) 41496 kB
stars (curr.) 3674
created 2017-08-21
license Other

ARCore SDK for Android

Copyright 2017 Google LLC. All rights reserved.

This SDK provides APIs for all of the essential AR features like motion tracking, environmental understanding, and light estimation. With these capabilities you can build entirely new AR experiences or enhance existing apps with AR features.

Quick Start

See the Quickstart for Android Java or Quickstart for Android NDK developer guide.

API Reference

See the ARCore SDK for Java API Reference or ARCore SDK for C API Reference.

Release Notes

The SDK release notes are available on the releases page.

Terms & Conditions

By downloading the ARCore SDK for Android, you agree that the Google APIs Terms of Service governs your use thereof.

User privacy requirements

You must disclose the use of Google Play Services for AR (ARCore) and how it collects and processes data, prominently in your application, easily accessible to users. You can do this by adding the following text on your main menu or notice screen: “This application runs on Google Play Services for AR (ARCore), which is provided by Google LLC and governed by the Google Privacy Policy”.

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