February 17, 2020

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arXiv LaTeX Cleaner: Easily clean the LaTeX code of your paper to submit to arXiv

repo name google-research/arxiv-latex-cleaner
repo link https://github.com/google-research/arxiv-latex-cleaner
language Python
size (curr.) 64 kB
stars (curr.) 1245
created 2019-01-08
license Apache License 2.0


This tool allows you to easily clean the LaTeX code of your paper to submit to arXiv. From a folder containing all your code, e.g. /path/to/latex/, it creates a new folder /path/to/latex_arXiv/, that is ready to ZIP and upload to arXiv.

Example call:

python -m arxiv_latex_cleaner /path/to/latex --im_size 500 --images_whitelist='{"images/im.png":2000}'


git clone https://github.com/google-research/arxiv-latex-cleaner
cd arxiv-latex-cleaner/

Optionally, this may be installed and used as a command-line program:

python setup.py install
arxiv_latex_cleaner --help

Main features:


  • Removes all auxiliary files (.aux, .log, .out, etc.).
  • Removes all comments from your code (yes, those are visible on arXiv and you do not want them to be). These also include \begin{comment}\end{comment} environments.
  • Optionally removes user-defined commands entered with commands_to_delete (such as \todo{} that you at the end redefine as the empty string).


There is a 10MB limit on arXiv submissions, so to make it fit:

  • Removes all unused .tex files (those that are not in the root and not included in any other .tex file).
  • Removes all unused images that take up space (those that are not actually included in any used .tex file).
  • Optionally resizes all images to im_size pixels, to reduce the size of the submission. You can whitelist some images to skip the global size using images_whitelist.
  • Optionally compresses .pdf files using ghostscript (Linux and Mac only). You can whitelist some PDFs to skip the global size using images_whitelist.


usage: arxiv_latex_cleaner@v0.1.0 [-h] [--resize_images] [--im_size IM_SIZE]
                                  [--pdf_im_resolution PDF_IM_RESOLUTION]
                                  [--images_whitelist IMAGES_WHITELIST]
                                  [--commands_to_delete COMMANDS_TO_DELETE [COMMANDS_TO_DELETE ...]]

Clean the LaTeX code of your paper to submit to arXiv. Check the README for
more information on the use.

positional arguments:
  input_folder          Input folder containing the LaTeX code.

optional arguments:
  -h, --help            show this help message and exit
  --resize_images       Resize images.
  --im_size IM_SIZE     Size of the output images (in pixels, longest side).
                        Fine tune this to get as close to 10MB as possible.
  --compress_pdf        Compress PDF images using ghostscript (Linux and Mac
  --pdf_im_resolution PDF_IM_RESOLUTION
                        Resolution (in dpi) to which the tool resamples the
                        PDF images.
  --images_whitelist IMAGES_WHITELIST
                        Images (and PDFs) that won't be resized to the default
                        resolution,but the one provided here. Value is pixel
                        for images, and dpi forPDFs, as in --im_size and
                        --pdf_im_resolution, respectively. Format is a
                        dictionary as: '{"path/to/im.jpg": 1000}'
  --commands_to_delete COMMANDS_TO_DELETE [COMMANDS_TO_DELETE ...]
                        LaTeX commands that will be deleted. Useful for e.g.
                        user-defined \todo commands.


This is not an officially supported Google product.

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