July 14, 2019

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Make images smaller using best-in-class codecs, right in the browser.

repo name GoogleChromeLabs/squoosh
repo link https://github.com/GoogleChromeLabs/squoosh
homepage https://squoosh.app
language TypeScript
size (curr.) 45192 kB
stars (curr.) 9565
created 2018-03-07
license Apache License 2.0


Squoosh is an image compression web app that allows you to dive into the advanced options provided by various image compressors.


Google Analytics is used to record the following:

  • Basic visit data.
  • Before and after image size once an image is downloaded. These values are rounded to the nearest kilobyte.

Image compression is handled locally; no additional data is sent to the server.

Building locally

Clone the repo, and:

npm install
npm run build

You can run the development server with:

npm start
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