November 18, 2019

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Books, Presentations, Workshops, Notebook Labs, and Model Zoo for Software Engineers and Data Scientists wanting to learn the TF.Keras Machine Learning framework

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Google Cloud AI Developer Relations

This repository contains content produced by Google Cloud AI Developer Relations for machine learning and artificial intelligence. The content covers a wide spectrum from educational, training, and research, covering from novices, junior/intermediate to advanced.

The content has been designed both for self-learning, and for being incorporating into instructional material for universities, private coding schools, and professional training. Licensed as Apache 2.0 and CC-BY, organizations are free to integrate and customize the material into their curriculum.

The repository is organized by:

Directory Description
handbooks Google (FREE) PDF softcopy of handbooks - CC-BY 4.0 license (2019)
books PDF softcopy of books - preview versions
workshops workshops (presentation slides and code labs) - CC-BY 4.0 license (2019)
notebooks notebooks for production-grade solutions
zoo tf.keras model zoo (coded in idiomatic and composable design pattern) - Apache 2.0 license
community labs Labs for community participation in research

Reviewers and Contributors

We thank the following for their reviews and contributions to the Idiomatic Programmer:

Google Cloud AI - Developer Relations

Andrew Ferlitsch Noah Negrey Yu-Han Liu Shahin Saadati Torry Yang Gonzalo Gasca Meza Amy Unruh Martin Gorner Brad Miro Tianzi Cai Sara Robinson Puneith Kaul Crystal Gomes

Other Current/Former Googlers

William Barret Sharon Maher

Google Developer Experts (GDE)

Margaret Maynard-Reid / Seattle

ML Practioners

Hobson Lane Enoch Tetteh Bill Liu Miklos Toth


This is not an officially supported Google product.

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