February 20, 2019

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A program to generate isometric graphics from elevation data

repo name Grille/2D-isometricRenderer
repo link https://github.com/Grille/2D-isometricRenderer
language C#
size (curr.) 2801 kB
stars (curr.) 237
created 2017-07-05
license MIT License


A program to generate isometric graphics from elevation data. An example of what is possible with it…


Isometric graphics from elevation data Freely rotatable on Z axis Generated realistic shadow


Real time editor for height map Advanced export options

How Use

Download v0.2.1 https://github.com/Grille98/2D-isometricEditor/releases Run 2D-isoedit.exe in the bin folder Load any heightmap

Heightmap format

The green rgb channel is used for the height G = 100 => height = 100px

The blue rgb channel defines the used texture List of Textures:

  • 0 = grass
  • 1 = dirt
  • 2 = sand
  • 3 = stone
  • 4 = dark grass
  • 5 = water

The red and alpha rgb channels are ignored

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