March 14, 2020

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ERP beyond your fridge - now containerized - this is the docker repo of

repo name grocy/grocy-docker
repo link
size (curr.) 16 kB
stars (curr.) 84
created 2018-10-28
license MIT License

Grocy on Docker

ERP beyond your fridge - now containerized! This is the docker repo of grocy.

Docker Pulls Docker Stars

Install Docker

Follow these instructions to get Docker running on your server.

Available on Docker Hub (prebuilt) or built from source

To run using docker just do the following:

> docker-compose pull # if you haven't pulled or built
> docker-compose up

And grocy should be accessible via http(s)://localhost/. The https option will work. However, since the certificate is self-signed, most browsers will complain.

Note: if you have not pulled any of the images from the repository, when you do an up, it will attempt to build from scratch!

To pull the latest images to your machine:

docker pull grocy/grocy-docker:nginx
docker pull grocy/grocy-docker:grocy

Or just docker-compose pull.

Environmental variables:

As of grocy v.1.24.1, ENV variables are accessible via the docker-compose.yml file as long as they are prefixed by GROCY_. For example, to change the language from English to French, you can modify




To build from scratch

docker-compose build

Additional Information

The docker images build are based on Alpine, with an extremely low footprint (less than 10 MB for nginx, and less than 70MB for grocy with php-fm. That number is eventually bumped up to 490MB after all the dependencies are downloaded, however).


The MIT License (MIT)

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