December 14, 2020

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Realtime Web Apps and Dashboards for Python

repo name h2oai/wave
repo link
language Python
size (curr.) 22576 kB
stars (curr.) 2012
created 2020-05-16
license Apache License 2.0

H2O Wave

Realtime Web Apps and Dashboards for Python

H2O Wave is a software stack for building beautiful, low-latency, realtime, browser-based applications and dashboards entirely in Python without using HTML, Javascript, or CSS.

H2O Wave excels at capturing information from multiple sources and broadcasting them live over the web, letting you build and deploy realtime analytics with dramatically less effort.

:warning: H2O Wave is pre-alpha. The software is not yet stable enough for production use and has known security issues.


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80+ components, 175+ examples

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