October 20, 2019

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A list of all named GANs!

repo name hindupuravinash/the-gan-zoo
repo link https://github.com/hindupuravinash/the-gan-zoo
language Python
size (curr.) 2194 kB
stars (curr.) 7953
created 2017-04-14
license MIT License

The GAN Zoo

Every week, new GAN papers are coming out and it’s hard to keep track of them all, not to mention the incredibly creative ways in which researchers are naming these GANs! So, here’s a list of what started as a fun activity compiling all named GANs!

You can also check out the same data in a tabular format with functionality to filter by year or do a quick search by title here.

Contributions are welcome. Add links through pull requests in gans.tsv file in the same format or create an issue to lemme know something I missed or to start a discussion.

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