December 26, 2018

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The Fullstack Tutorial for GraphQL

repo name howtographql/howtographql
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language TypeScript
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created 2017-06-06
license MIT License

How to GraphQL 🎓

How to GraphQL is a fullstack tutorial website to learn all about GraphQL! It was built by Prisma and many amazing contributors. All content on the site is completely free and open-source.


The content for all tutorials is located in the /content directory. Here is an overview of all the tutorials that are available at the moment:


  • Fundamentals of GraphQL
  • Advanced GraphQL


  • React & Apollo
  • React & Relay
  • Vue & Apollo
  • Ember & Apollo
  • Expo & Apollo (Coming Soon)
  • Angular & Apollo (Coming Soon)
  • VulcanJS (Coming Soon)


  • Prisma
  • graphql-js / JavaScript
  • Absinthe / Elixir
  • graphql-ruby / Ruby
  • graphql-java / Java
  • Graphene / Python
  • Sangria / Scala (Coming Soon)
  • graphql-go / Go (Coming Soon)

Contributions / Fixes

As the whole project is open-source, you’re more than welcome to fix typos and other small issues yourself and create a PR for the fix. If you want to contribute a whole tutorial track, please get in touch.

Installation & Running locally

You can run a local instance of How to GraphQL by executing the following commands in a terminal:

git clone
cd howtographql
yarn install
yarn start # http://localhost:8000/

Note: If you’re using Node 8, you might need to invoke npm install -g node-gyp before you’re starting the app. More info here.

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