April 30, 2021

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Check how a BIP9-like softfork signalling goes

repo name hsjoberg/fork-explorer
repo link https://github.com/hsjoberg/fork-explorer
homepage https://taproot.watch
language TypeScript
size (curr.) 408 kB
stars (curr.) 72
created 2021-04-26
license MIT License

Fork Explorer

Fork Explorer let’s you see the status of a BIP9-style softfork. It relies on bitcoind and its JSON-RPC server.

Build and Run

You need Deno to build and run this project. Deno is a new Javascript environment, similar to Node.

  1. Fix config file by duplicating config/config.ts_TEMPLATE to config/config.ts and setting bitcoind’s JSON-RPC credentials up.
  2. ./build-frontend.sh.
  3. ./run-server.sh.
  4. Done.

Running without bitcoind installed (faked data mode):

If you want to build and run fork-explorer without bitcoind, you can start one of the two fake modes available:

Set mode: "fake" or mode: "fake-backend" in your config/config.ts.

fake: Backend will generate fake blocks

fake-frontend: Frontend will generate fake blocks, this mode works in conjuction with ./frontend-dev-server.sh

Commit and Code-Style

Follow the code style of the file you are working in.

This project uses Prettier for code formatting. To contribute, install and activate the Prettier extension to your editor of choice.

For commits, make descriptive and atomic git commits. You can prefix the page or relevant code you are working with, for example on frontend change:

index: Add 90% indicator to Progress Bar

Or for the backend:

blocks: Make fakemode not depend on bitcoind



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