March 25, 2020

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MakerNexus mods to Prusa Face Shield after consulting local healthcare providers

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MakerNexus local modifications

At MakerNexus, we’re working on making as many face-shields as possible; They will be in dire demand very soon and we got requests of thousands of them. MakerNexus is coordinating the contact with the local hospitals and as well the effort of non-Members of the maker-space to 3D print. We have enough shield material to laser-cut, but of course 3D printing is the slow part of manufacturing.

Please check out the project page if you are in the San Francisco Bay Area and want to help.

We are using the Prusa-rc3 design, but needed some modifications requested by the local healthcare community.

Design goals

When reviewing, the local healthcare providers requested

  • Weight-reduce front-part if possible.
  • Move the shield pins up so that there is material behind the openings of the shield-punches
  • Larger radius of crevices to allow better sterilization access.

Moving up the shield-pin requires a little bit of support material, but it is not a problem to generate the necessary STL file where the supports should be and use that in the Prusa slicer as support modifier.


Choose what bests fits your circumstances. GCode is ‘ready to go’, 3mf allows printer adjustments, *.stl allows to use in your own slicer.

Simply get the latest release.

Release content

We distinguish between ‘normal shield’ and ‘thin shield’: the thinner one only prints 15mm high (vs the normal 20mm).

Cut to the chase: GCode ready to use


  • For PETG thin_shield_0.3mm_PETG_MK3S.gcode (right click, download or save link as…) GCode file placing 2 head-bands on build-plate. Ready to go on Prusa MK3(s) with 0.3mm layer, 100% infill, 240°C temp for PETG printing. This prints two thin bands which is faster to print and works fine with PETG.

  • For PLA: normal_shield_0.3mm_PLA_MK3S.gcode (right click, download or save link as…) Same for PLA. Currently this is the regular sized band as we still need to test if the thinner band will work with PLA.

The resulting headband has a version imprint on one temple with a letter denoting T = thin band, N = normal band and s = stacked, followed by a version number.

More files

If you have checked out code from github, you might need to first make it and reload the STLs in the 3mf. The STLs and 3mf are usually only updated in git for a new release (click on the stl in the list on the right in prusa slicer and say ‘reload from disk’).


A simple OpenSCAD file that take the original STL and does the necessary surgical changes.

Slicer project file

A 3mf file is provided, so it can be loaded into slicer right away:

git clone
cd prusa-covid19-shield-remix
prusa-slicer normal_shield.3mf


There is also gcode directly sliced for Prusa MK3(s). See above.


For building, use the Makefile to create all the artifacts from the *.scad file



License: CC-BY-NC

This is based on the Prusa design

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