November 25, 2019

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Instagram bot. It works without instagram api, need only login and password. Write on python.

repo name instabot-py/
repo link
language Python
size (curr.) 860 kB
stars (curr.) 5452
created 2016-01-18
license Other 🤖 🌟 is an extremely light instagram bot that uses the undocumented Web API. Unlike other bots, does not require Selenium or a WebDriver. Instead, it interacts with the API over simple HTTP Requests. It runs on most systems, including Raspberry Pi.

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  • Python v3.6 or greater
  • Pip v18 or greater

Quick Start 🚀

  • Make sure you have Python 3.6 or above installed

    • python3 --version

On Windows you might have to use python without the version (3) suffix. Experienced users should use virtualenv.


  • From PyPi (Stable):
python3 -m pip install instabot-py
  • From sources (Bleeding edge):
python3 -m pip install git+

Configuration ⚙️

Run instabot-py --create-config command and a default configuration will be created in your current directory: instabot.config.yml. It should be modified according the needs. You can also run the bot with a different configuration file using -c flag: instabot-py -c myconfiguration.yml

Start the bot 🏁

  • instabot-py or python3 -m instabot_py
  • instabot-py -c myconfiguration.yml or python3 -m instabot_py -c myconfiguration.yml

The %username%.db file contains records of posts the bot has liked, and the users who has been followed/unfollowed.

The %username%.session file stores your session with Instagram to avoid re-logins each time you start the bot.

Upgrade ⬆️

  • python3 -m pip install instabot-py --no-cache-dir --upgrade
  • pip3 install instabot-py --no-cache-dir --upgrade


Parameter Type Description Default value
login str Your instagram username
password str Your instagram password
start_at_h int Start program at the hour 0
start_at_m int Start program at the min 0
end_at_h int End program at the hour 23
end_at_m int End program at the min 59
database dict Contains the database configuration {“type”: “sql”, “connection_string”: “sqlite:///{{login}}.db”}
session_file str change the name of session file so to avoid having to login every time. Set False to disable. “username.session”
user_agent str Custom User Agent to look like a real browser None
like_per_day int DEPRECATED, WILL BE REMOVED SOON, REPLACED BY like_per_run
like_per_run int Number of photos to like per day (over 1000 may cause throttling) 296
like_followers_per_run int Number of your old followers to like their last photo per day (set to 0 to disable) 0
media_max_like int Maximum number of likes on photos to like (set to 0 to disable) 0
media_min_like int Minimum number of likes on photos to like (set to 0 to disable) 0
follow_per_day int DEPRECATED, WILL BE REMOVED SOON, REPLACED BY follow_per_run 0
follow_per_run int Users to follow per day 156
follow_time int Seconds to wait before unfollowing 5 * 60 * 60
follow_attempts int Attempts to make to follow someone 10
user_min_follow int Check user before following them if they have X minimum of followers. Set 0 to disable 0
user_max_follow int Check user before following them if they have X maximum of followers. Set 0 to disable 0
follow_time_enabled bool REMOVED, TO DISBALE Follow_time, just set it to 0
unfollow_per_day int DEPRECATED, WILL BE REMOVED SOON, REPLACED BY unfollow_per_run 0
unfollow_per_run int Users to unfollow per day 199
unfollow_recent_feed bool If enabled, will populate database with users from recent feed and unfollow if they meet the conditions. Disable if you only want the bot to unfollow people it has previously followed. True
unlike_per_day int DEPRECATED, WILL BE REMOVED SOON, REPLACED BY unlike_per_run 0
unlike_per_run int Number of media to unlike that the bot has previously liked. Set to 0 to disable. 0
time_till_unlike int How long to wait after liking media before unliking them. 3 * 24 * 60 * 60 (3 days)
comments_per_day int Comments to post per day 0
comment_list [[str]] List of word lists for comment generation. @username@ will be replaced by the media owner’s username [[‘this’, ‘your’], [‘photo’, ‘picture’, ‘pic’, ‘shot’], [‘is’, ‘looks’, ‘is really’], [‘great’, ‘super’, ‘good’], ['.', ‘…’, ‘!’, ‘!!']]
tag_list [str] Tags to use for finding posts by hasthag or location(l:locationid from e.g. [‘cat’, ‘car’, ‘dog’, ‘l:212999109’]
keywords [str] Words to use for finding profiles with username or biography contain these words []
tag_blacklist [str] Tags to ignore when liking posts []
user_blacklist {str: str} Users whose posts to ignore. Example: {"username": "", "username2": ""} type only the key and leave value empty – it will be populated with userids on startup. {}
max_like_for_one_tag int How many media of a given tag to like at once (out of 21) 5
unfollow_break_min int Minimum seconds to break between unfollows 15
unfollow_break_max int Maximum seconds to break between unfollows 30
log_mod int Logging target (0 log to console, 1 log to file, 2 no log.) 0
proxies dict Access instagram through a proxy. {“http_proxy”:“http://IP:PORT”, “https_proxy”:“http://IP:PORT”} (host:port or user:password@host:port)
unfollow_not_following bool Unfollow Condition: Unfollow those who do not follow you back True
unfollow_inactive bool Unfollow Condition: Unfollow those who have not posted in a while (inactive) True
unfollow_probably_fake bool Unfollow Condition: Unfollow accounts which skewed follow/follower ratio (probably fake) True
unfollow_selebgram bool Unfollow Condition: Unfollow (celebrity) accounts with too many followers and not enough following False
unfollow_everyone bool Unfollow Condition: Will unfollow everyone in unfollow queue (wildcard condition) False


Please feel free to contribute and submit PR requests. All help is appreciated. Look for issues with the label needs help. If you want to be in developer team, please email me.

Instabot with yaml config

By default, instabot looks for the configuration file instabot.config.yml. It could be changed by exporting environment variable with the full path:

export INSTABOT_CONFIG_FILE=/path/to/file/instabot2.config.yml

login : "username"
password : "password"
debug: 1
#Send INFO notification to Telegram channel 
  level: INFO
  class: telegram_handler.TelegramHandler
  token: __YOUR__CHANNEL__TOKEN__
  chat_id: __CHAT_ID__
  - telegram
  - console

Create Telegram bot for instabot


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