November 1, 2021

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Official implementation of IoTeX blockchain protocol in Go.

repo name iotexproject/iotex-core
repo link
language Go
size (curr.) 73247 kB
stars (curr.) 1324
created 2018-04-19
license Apache License 2.0


Official Golang implementation of the IoTeX protocol.

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Welcome to the official Go implementation of IoTeX protocol! IoTeX is building the next generation of the decentralized blockchain protocol for powering real-world information marketplace in a decentralized-yet-scalable way. Refer to IoTeX whitepaper for details.

New to IoTeX?

Please visit official website or IoTeX onboard pack to learn more about IoTeX network.

Run a delegate?

Please visit IoTeX Delegate Manual for detailed setup process.

Building the source code

Minimum requirements

Components Version Description
Golang ≥ 1.14.4 Go programming language
Protoc ≥ 3.6.0 Protocol buffers, required only when you rebuild protobuf messages


Download the code to your desired local location (doesn’t have to be under $GOPATH/src)

git clone
cd iotex-core

If you put the project code under your $GOPATH\src, you will need to set up an environment variable

export GO111MODULE=on
set GO111MODULE=on (for windows)

Build the project for general purpose (server, ioctl) by


Build the project for broader purpose (server, ioctl, injector…) by

make all 

If the dependency needs to be updated, run

go get -u
go mod tidy

If you want learn more advanced usage about go mod, you can find out here.

Run unit tests only by

make test

Build the docker image by

make docker

Run iotex-core

Start (or resume) a standalone server to operate on an blockchain by

make run

Restart the server from a clean state by

make reboot

If “make run” fails due to corrupted or missing state database while block database is in normal condition, e.g., failing to get factory’s height from underlying DB, please try to recover state database by

make recover

Then, “make run” again.


Users could interact with iotex blockchain by

ioctl [command]

Refer to CLI document for more details.



We are glad to have contributors out of the core team; contributions, including (but not limited to) style/bug fixes, implementation of features, proposals of schemes/algorithms, and thorough documentation, are welcomed. Please refer to our contribution guideline for more information. Development guide documentation is here.

For any major protocol level changes, we use IIP to track the proposal, decision and etc.


This project is licensed under the Apache License 2.0.

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