May 20, 2020

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Complete Free Coding Bootcamp 2020 MERN Stack (For Beginners)

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Complete Free Coding Bootcamp 2020 MERN Stack (For Beginners)

This is a series video were we going to build a full-stack application from scratch using the MERN STACK ( MongoDB, Express, React.js and Nodejs).

We will build a Sports Web App for creating sports events and the app will include:

  • User registration and authentication (maybe add facebook/gmail login if the series becomes popular)
  • Hashing password for security
  • Session control
  • CRUD operations (create, read, update and delete)
  • Search for events using filters (Running, Cycling or Swimming)
  • Sign UP for event in order to participate
  • Upload images to the server
  • Website notification using web sockets (in order to approve or refuse the Event Sign UP request)

Milestones of the project

Series get more than 1000 likes in the first video I will create a React-Native app for it! Series get more than 5000 likes in the first video I will add Social Media functionality such as user profile

So please share this video with your friends and leave the like.

Need help?

We have a discord group

Videos on youtube

  • Episode 0 - Setup env, mongoDB and User model and Controller
  • Episode 1 - Add routes setup and more end points
  • Episode 2 - Add events route and controller
  • Episode 3 - Add Approval and Reject controller and routes
  • Episode 4 - Add React on the frontend and Login and Register pages
  • Episode 5 - Add EventsPage and create events from the frontend
  • Episode 6 - Add Styles for EventsPage, Login, Register and fix some small bugs
  • Episode 7 - Add Dashboard page and base styles
  • Episode 8 - Finish Dashboard and Add delete functionality

Want to know more about my motivation for this project?

Read my blog post

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