March 25, 2020

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Ventilator Design

repo name jkoberg/splitvent
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created 2020-03-27
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splitvent - Designs and Tools to help multiply available Ventilators

This project includes designs for 3D-printed ventilator “Y” splitters, 3D printed flow restrictors, and Raspberry Pi software to monitor per-patient respiratory flow with a Sensirion SFM-3x00 series inline flow sensor

We are releasing our work early and often, and in a form that we hope interested individuals can reproduce.

Contributors to this project submit their work under a Creative Commons ShareAlike 4.0 license. See for more details


Video Updates

  • SplitVent Daily Update March 30 - Showcase improvements to the UI, a 3D printed cap to the flow sensor, revisions to valves including larger handles that make it easier to operate.

  • SplitVent System Description March 29 - Demonstrate how restricter valves and flow monitoring can allow quality vantilation to multiple patients with one ventilator.

Quick Start

3D Printing Models

  • Models have been printed with FDM printers using PLA or PETG.

  • TPU can be used for an o-ring.

  • Other materials such as Med610, Dental SG/LT, and Teeth A2 can be used and should be considered for sterilization purposes.

  • Models printed with FDM should use 10-20% infill with supports touching buildplate.

Monitoring Software

  • Fabricate a cable to connect to the sensor’s connector surface contact lands.

  • Connect your RPi to the Sensirion sensor as shown in the image below: splitvent schematic of RPi connected to Sensirion sensor

  • Download the RPi disk image, unzip, and write to an 8GB or greater SD card. Follow the instructions here

  • Install the SD card into the RPi

  • Plug in an HDMI monitor

  • Power on the RPi

  • Hit ctrl-c a few times to stop the console app

  • run “git pull” to get latest GUI changes

  • logout

You’ll see a UI like this:

splitvent simple ui

Thanks to the following contributors:

  • Tobin Greensweig
  • Nate Surls
  • Paul Holland
  • Timothy Nisi
  • Paul Yearling
  • Brian Overshiner
  • Joe Koberg
  • Dan Lash
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