February 6, 2021

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Create videos programmatically in React

repo name JonnyBurger/remotion
repo link https://github.com/JonnyBurger/remotion
homepage https://remotion.dev
language TypeScript
size (curr.) 192319 kB
stars (curr.) 5129
created 2020-06-23
license Other

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Remotion is a suite of libraries building a fundament for creating videos programmatically using React.

Why create videos in React?

  • Leverage web technologies: Use all of CSS, Canvas, SVG, WebGL, etc.
  • Leverage programming: Use variables, functions, APIs, math and algorithms to create new effects
  • Leverage React: Reusable components, Powerful composition, Fast Refresh, Package ecosystem

Example videos

  • Remotion Trailer WatchSource code • The announcement video for Remotion was written in Remotion itself!
  • AnySticker Welcome Video WatchSource code • An in-app explainer video for my app AnySticker.
  • Spotify Wrapped Recreated WatchTutorialSource code • A recreation of Spotify Wrapped where you can override all text and images via command line.
  • “Game changer or no game changer” intro WatchSource code • An intro for a quiz show I did with William Candillon.
  • “The X in MDX” talk WatchSource code • A re-recording of this talk using Remotion.

Feel free to pull request your creations!

Get started

If you already have Yarn and FFMPEG installed, type

yarn create video

to get started. Otherwise, read the installation page in the documentation.


Head to remotion.dev to learn the in and outs of Remotion!


Be aware of that Remotion has a special license and requires obtaining a company license in some cases. Read the LICENSE documentation for more information.


Please read CONTRIBUTING.md to learn about contributing to this project.

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