August 30, 2019

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Learn and Run Julia in your Browser

repo name JuliaComputing/JuliaBoxTutorials
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This repository contains introductory tutorials for the Julia language in the form of Jupyter Notebooks.

JuliaBox (Running julia in your browser)

These tutorials are installed by default on the JuliaBox environment, where you can run Julia in your browser through a hosted notebook server. This service what these tutorials were built for!

Go to and make an account to start running Julia in your browser.

Running Julia on your Computer

You can also do these tutorials by installing julia on your computer, setting up Jupyter, and downloading this tutorial repository to your computer. If you’re new to Julia, you can do that by following these steps:

  1. Download julia from (download the latest “stable” version).
    • Follow the instructions to install it on your computer (e.g. On macOS, drag it to Applications. On Windows, run the installer.)
  2. Install julia’s Jupyter Notebooks integration: IJulia.jl
    • Open the installed julia application, and you are presented with a “REPL” prompt. This is the main Julia interface. There, type this closing bracket character: ] to open the package manager. Then type add IJulia to install the jupyter notebook interface for julia.
    • Then exit the package manager by pressing delete (as if you’re deleting the ] you typed to enter package mode)
    • Now you can open the jupyter notebooks by entering using IJulia, then once that loads, entering IJulia.notebook(), which should open a Jupyter tab in your browser.
  3. Last, download the tutorials from this repository, via the github Clone/Download button above, or clicking this link:

And now from the Jupyter tab in your browser, you can navigate to the folder where you downloaded the tutorials, and then click on the name of one of them to get started! Enjoy!

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