September 26, 2019

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Tools and tests used in Kaggle Learn exercises

repo name Kaggle/learntools
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language Jupyter Notebook
size (curr.) 46042 kB
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created 2018-03-23
license Apache License 2.0


The checking code and notebooks used in Kaggle Learn courses.

Everything here is open source, but these materials haven’t been designed to work independently and likely aren’t useful outside of Kaggle Learn.


This repo is split into two types of material.

  • The learntools folder contains a python package that provides feedback to users in Kaggle Learn courses. This package is further divided into
    • Modules for individual courses. For example, learntools/python is used to check exercises in the Python course. learntools/machine_learning is used to check exercises in the Machine Learning course. And so on.
    • core provides the infrastructure for exercise checking. This is imported into the modules for each course.
  • The notebooks subdirectory contains tools to simplify publishing courses on kaggle as well as the course materials themselves. The course materials are in notebooks. The notebooks for the python course are in /notebooks/python/raw/*. Replace python with another course name to find the materials for other courses. The notebooks are processed in a templating system before being uploaded to kaggle, so the raw notebooks are hard to read. The README in /notebooks has instructions to convert raw notebooks to rendered notebooks (and to use the templating system more generally).

Some courses have notebooks in a subdirectory of the learntools package, reflecting the fact these notebooks were authored and edited outside our templating system.

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