December 6, 2019

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A repository containing tutorials for practical NLP using PyTorch

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Practical NLP in PyTorch

This repository is here to provide tutorials (and a record of my work) regarding practical NLP in PyTorch. The code here is complementary to my blog. I will be gradually updating this repository as I learn new tools and write new posts.

How to run the notebooks

Run pip install -r requirements.txt These tutorials assume PyTorch version 1.0.0

Available Tutorials

  • Using allennlp

    • Basics
    • Using BERT and ELMo
  • Using fastai

    • Using BERT
  • Models from scratch

    • Implementing an LSTM from scratch
    • Implementing the Transformer from scratch
    • Implementing the Transformer XL from scratch

Tutorials I am Planning to Work On

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