March 2, 2019

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Barebones bitcoin-like protocol implemented in Python 3.6

repo name kendricktan/misocoin
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language Python
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created 2017-12-02
license MIT License

Misocoin is a barebones bitcoin-like protocol implemented in Python 3.x. It was written as a challenge for myself to see if I could implement a bitcoin clone from scratch.

This project doesn’t follow the full bitcoin-protocol, but rather implements a barebones version that (with enough nodes) can still act as a trust-less third party for storing and ensuring the integrity of arbitrary data.

WARNING: Misocoin is not production ready and should only be used as an educational tool.

Quick start

  1. Make sure you’re in a Python 3.x environment. I recommend using miniconda
  2. git clone
  3. cd misocoin && pip install -r requirements.txt
  4. To start the misocoin daemon, run
# To start it on localhost:4000 with a random private key

** [Welcome] Your misocoin address is 610d2657b8c4df8da493bbe0671e7406d2bee7a6
 * Running on http://localhost:4000/ (Press CTRL+C to quit)

# To start it on localhost:4001 with a specific private key
# ./ -host=localhost -port=4001 -priv_key=60c8cb60c21143fffdd682f399ef3baa4b67c56a1f83a274284cfe7c57e007ed
  1. Once you have the daemon running, you can interact with the daemon it via the API
./ get_info
./ get_block <block_number>
./ get_balance
./ send_misocoin <to_address> <amount>

# To specify which host and port the daemon is located at
# ./ -host=<localhost> -port=<4000> [methods [args..]]
  1. To connect misocoin with other nodes, try running ./ -nodes=host1:port1,host2:port2. E.g:
  • Terminal 1:
./ -port=4001
  • Terminal 2:
./ -port=4002 -nodes=localhost:4001

What’s in misocoin

  • Dynamic difficulty (based on network hashing power)
  • Proof-of-Work
  • Consensus


  • Automatically prunes chain in favor of a longer chain
  • Persistent storage for blockchain (currently all in memory)
  • Separate out tx and block logic to fit in a set amount of txs in a block
  • Nicer exception handling
  • Enforce functional paradigm


  • Who’s miso?

Miso is my cat. You can find out about him more on his instagram page.

  • Why did you make this?

I made it to understand more about bitcoin. Jks. I made it for Miso’s birthday (15 December). I love my cat.

  • Can I have a picture of your cat in a taco outfit?


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