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:mailbox_with_no_mail::mag_right: Email OSINT & Password breach hunting tool, locally or using premium services. Supports chasing down related email

repo name khast3x/h8mail
repo link https://github.com/khast3x/h8mail
language Python
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created 2018-06-15
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h8mail is an email OSINT and breach hunting tool using different breach and reconnaissance services, or local breaches such as Troy Hunt’s “Collection1” and the infamous “Breach Compilation” torrent.

:book: Table of Content

:tangerine: Features

  • :mag_right: Email pattern matching (reg exp), useful for reading from other tool outputs
  • :earth_africa: Pass URLs to directly find and target emails in pages
  • :dizzy: Loosey patterns for local searchs (“john.smith”, “evilcorp”)
  • :package: Painless install. Available through pip, only requires requests
  • :white_check_mark: Bulk file-reading for targeting
  • :memo: Output to CSV file
  • :muscle: Compatible with the “Breach Compilation” torrent scripts
  • :house: Search cleartext and compressed .gz files locally using multiprocessing
    • :cyclone: Compatible with “Collection#1”
  • :fire: Get related emails
  • :dragon_face: Chase related emails by adding them to the ongoing search
  • :crown: Supports premium lookup services for advanced users
  • :factory: Custom query premium APIs. Supports username, hash, ip, domain and password and more
  • :books: Regroup breach results for all targets and methods
  • :eyes: Includes option to hide passwords for demonstrations
  • :rainbow: Delicious colors

:package: pip3 install h8mail


Service Functions Status
HaveIBeenPwned(v3) Number of email breaches :white_check_mark: :key:
HaveIBeenPwned Pastes(v3) URLs of text files mentioning targets :white_check_mark: :key:
Hunter.io - Public Number of related emails :white_check_mark:
Hunter.io - Service (free tier) Cleartext related emails, Chasing :white_check_mark: :key:
Snusbase - Service Cleartext passwords, hashs and salts, usernames, IPs - Fast :zap: :white_check_mark: :key:
Leak-Lookup - Public Number of search-able breach results :white_check_mark: (:key:)
Leak-Lookup - Service Cleartext passwords, hashs and salts, usernames, IPs, domain :white_check_mark: :key:
Emailrep.io - Service (free) Last seen in breaches, social media profiles :white_check_mark: :key:
Scylla.sh - Service (free) Cleartext passwords, hashs and salts, usernames, IPs, domain :white_check_mark:
Dehashed.com - Service Cleartext passwords, hashs and salts, usernames, IPs, domain :white_check_mark: :key:
:new: IntelX.io - Service (free trial) Cleartext passwords, hashs and salts, usernames, IPs, domain, Bitcoin Wallets, IBAN :white_check_mark: :key:

:key: - API key required

:tangerine: Usage

usage: h8mail [-h] [-t USER_TARGETS [USER_TARGETS ...]]
              [-u USER_URLS [USER_URLS ...]] [-q USER_QUERY] [--loose]
              [-c CONFIG_FILE [CONFIG_FILE ...]] [-o OUTPUT_FILE]
              [-bc BC_PATH] [-sk] [-k CLI_APIKEYS [CLI_APIKEYS ...]]
              [-lb LOCAL_BREACH_SRC [LOCAL_BREACH_SRC ...]]
              [-gz LOCAL_GZIP_SRC [LOCAL_GZIP_SRC ...]] [-sf]
              [-ch [CHASE_LIMIT]] [--power-chase] [--hide] [--debug]
Email information and password lookup tool

optional arguments:
  -h, --help            show this help message and exit
                        Either string inputs or files. Supports email pattern
                        matching from input or file, filepath globing and
                        multiple arguments
                        Either string inputs or files. Supports URL pattern
                        matching from input or file, filepath globing and
                        multiple arguments. Parse URLs page for emails.
                        Requires http:// or https:// in URL.
  -q USER_QUERY, --custom-query USER_QUERY
                        Perform a custom query. Supports username, password,
                        ip, hash, domain. Performs an implicit "loose" search
                        when searching locally
  --loose               Allow loose search by disabling email pattern
                        recognition. Use spaces as pattern seperators
                        Configuration file for API keys. Accepts keys from
                        Snusbase, WeLeakInfo, Leak-Lookup, HaveIBeenPwned,
                        Emailrep, Dehashed and hunterio
                        File to write CSV output
  -bc BC_PATH, --breachcomp BC_PATH
                        Path to the breachcompilation torrent folder. Uses the
                        query.sh script included in the torrent
  -sk, --skip-defaults  Skips HaveIBeenPwned and HunterIO check. Ideal for
                        local scans
                        Pass config options. Supported format: "K=V,K=V"
                        Local cleartext breaches to scan for targets. Uses
                        multiprocesses, one separate process per file, on
                        separate worker pool by arguments. Supports file or
                        folder as input, and filepath globing
                        Local tar.gz (gzip) compressed breaches to scans for
                        targets. Uses multiprocesses, one separate process per
                        file. Supports file or folder as input, and filepath
                        globing. Looks for 'gz' in filename
  -sf, --single-file    If breach contains big cleartext or tar.gz files, set
                        this flag to view the progress bar. Disables
                        concurrent file searching for stability
  -ch [CHASE_LIMIT], --chase [CHASE_LIMIT]
                        Add related emails from hunter.io to ongoing target
                        list. Define number of emails per target to chase.
                        Requires hunter.io private API key if used without
  --power-chase         Add related emails from ALL API services to ongoing
                        target list. Use with --chase
  --hide                Only shows the first 4 characters of found passwords
                        to output. Ideal for demonstrations
  --debug               Print request debug information
  --gen-config, -g      Generates a configuration file template in the current
                        working directory & exits. Will overwrite existing
                        h8mail_config.ini file

:tangerine: Usage examples

Query for a single target
$ h8mail -t target@example.com
Query for list of targets, indicate config file for API keys, output to pwned_targets.csv
$ h8mail -t targets.txt -c config.ini -o pwned_targets.csv
Query a list of targets against local copy of the Breach Compilation, pass API key for Snusbase from the command line
$ h8mail -t targets.txt -bc ../Downloads/BreachCompilation/ -k "snusbase_token=$snusbase_token"
Query without making API calls against local copy of the Breach Compilation
$ h8mail -t targets.txt -bc ../Downloads/BreachCompilation/ -sk
Search every .gz file for targets found in targets.txt locally, skip default checks
$ h8mail -t targets.txt -gz /tmp/Collection1/ -sk
$ h8mail -t admin@evilcorp.com -lb /tmp/4k_Combo.txt -ch 10 -k "hunterio=ABCDE123"
Query username. Read keys from CLI
$ h8mail -t JSmith89 -q username -k "dehashed_email=user@email.com" "dehashed_key=ABCDE123"
$ h8mail -t -q ip -c h8mail_config_priv.ini -ch 2 --power-chase
Fetch URL content (CLI + file). Target all found emails
$ h8mail -u "https://pastebin.com/raw/kQ6WNKqY" "list_of_urls.txt"

:tangerine: Thanks & Credits

:purple_heart: h8mail can be found in:

:tangerine: Notes

  • Service providers that wish being integrated can send me an email at k at khast3x dot club (PGP friendly)
  • h8mail is maintained on my free time. Feedback and war stories are welcomed.
  • Licence is BSD 3 clause
  • My code is signed with my Keybase PGP key. You can get it using:
# curl + gpg pro tip: import ktx's keys
curl https://keybase.io/ktx/pgp_keys.asc | gpg --import

# the Keybase app can push to gpg keychain, too
keybase pgp pull ktx

If you wish to stay updated on this project:

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