February 16, 2020

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Machine Learning Pipelines for Kubeflow

repo name kubeflow/pipelines
repo link https://github.com/kubeflow/pipelines
language Python
size (curr.) 163382 kB
stars (curr.) 1419
created 2018-05-12
license Apache License 2.0

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Overview of the Kubeflow pipelines service

Kubeflow is a machine learning (ML) toolkit that is dedicated to making deployments of ML workflows on Kubernetes simple, portable, and scalable.

Kubeflow pipelines are reusable end-to-end ML workflows built using the Kubeflow Pipelines SDK.

The Kubeflow pipelines service has the following goals:

  • End to end orchestration: enabling and simplifying the orchestration of end to end machine learning pipelines
  • Easy experimentation: making it easy for you to try numerous ideas and techniques, and manage your various trials/experiments.
  • Easy re-use: enabling you to re-use components and pipelines to quickly cobble together end to end solutions, without having to re-build each time.


Get started with your first pipeline and read further information in the Kubeflow Pipelines overview.

See the various ways you can use the Kubeflow Pipelines SDK.

See the Kubeflow Pipelines API doc for API specification.

Consult the Python SDK reference docs when writing pipelines using the Python SDK.

Kubeflow Pipelines Community Meeting

The meeting is happening every other Wed 10-11AM (PST) Calendar Invite or Join Meeting Directly

Meeting notes

Kubeflow Pipelines Slack Channel


Blog posts


Kubeflow pipelines uses Argo under the hood to orchestrate Kubernetes resources. The Argo community has been very supportive and we are very grateful.

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