June 12, 2020

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The Central Kubernetes Management Platform For Any Infrastructure

repo name kubermatic/kubermatic
repo link https://github.com/kubermatic/kubermatic
homepage https://www.kubermatic.com
language Go
size (curr.) 122172 kB
stars (curr.) 229
created 2016-01-30
license Other

Kubermatic Kubernetes Platform

Overview / User Guides

Kubermatic Kubernetes Platform is in an open source project to centrally manage the global automation of thousands of Kubernetes clusters across multicloud, on-prem and edge with unparalleled density and resilience.

All user documentation is available at the Kubermatic Kubernetes Platform docs website.


There are two editions of Kubermatic Kubernetes Platform:

Kubermatic Kubernetes Platform Community Edition (CE) is available freely under the Apache License, Version 2.0. Kubermatic Kubernetes Platform Enterprise Edition (EE) includes premium features that are most useful for organizations with large-scale Kubernetes installations with more than 50 clusters. To access the Enterprise Edition and get official support please become a subscriber.


See the LICENSE file for licensing information as it pertains to files in this repository.


We strongly recommend that you use an official release of Kubermatic Kubernetes Platform. Follow the instructions under the Installation section of our documentation to get started.

The code and sample YAML files in the master branch of the kubermatic repository are under active development and are not guaranteed to be stable. Use them at your own risk!

More information

The documentation provides a getting started guide, plus information about building from source, architecture, extending kubermatic, and more.

Please use the version selector at the top of the site to ensure you are using the appropriate documentation for your version of kubermatic.


If you encounter issues file an issue or talk to us on the #kubermatic channel on the Kubermatic Slack.


Thanks for taking the time to join our community and start contributing!

Feedback and discussion are available on the mailing list.

Before you start

Repository layout

├── addons            # Default Kubernetes addons
├── api 							# All the code. If you are a dev, you can initially ignore everything else
├── CHANGELOG.md      # The changelog
├── config            # The Helm charts we use to deploy, gets exported to https://github.com/kubermatic/kubermatic-installer
├── containers        # Various utility container images
├── docs              # Some basic docs
├── openshift_addons  # Default Openshift addons
├── Procfile
└── README.md 

Pull requests

  • We welcome pull requests. Feel free to dig through the issues and jump in.


See the list of releases to find out about feature changes.

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