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A series of exquisite and compact web page cool effects

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🚀 A series of exquisite and compact web page cool effects

It’s like decorating a beautiful Christmas tree in a room. Sometimes a small web page with cool effects will make your project shine. This is a very fun series, I want to collect those cool effects that are common on the page.

Not limited to any framework (react, vue, angular, etc.), as long as the effect can be simply inserted into the page, you can send it to me, I like them and hope you like them too.


Background Decoration

  • particles-bg - React component for particles backgrounds
  • particles-bg-vue - A vue.js particles animation background component. Use it to make your website look cool.
  • sparticles - Vanilla particles which can be used in a background or in a container, very fast and lightweight.
  • jquery.ripples - Add a water ripple effect to your background using WebGL.
  • MorphingBackgroundShapes - A decorative website background effect where SVG shapes morph and transform on scroll..
  • SegmentEffect - Background image segment effect as seen on [Filippo Bello’s Portfolio].
  • jquery-bgswitcher - Switch the background-image with using effect.
  • BackgroundScaleHoverEffect - Recreation of the background scale hover effect seen on the DDD Hotel website using CSS clip paths.
  • ImageGridMotionEffect - A motion hover effect for a background grid of images..
  • jquery.adaptive-backgrounds.js - A simple jQuery plugin to extract the dominant color of an image and apply it to the background of its parent element.
  • fixed-background-effect - A simple template that takes advantage of the background-attachment CSS property to create a fixed background effect.
  • jquery-warpdrive-plugin - Warp drive is a lightweight jQuery plugin that helps you create a cool, interactive, configurable, HTML5 canvas based warp drive/starfield effect.

Mouse Effect

  • mouse-particles - AboutA mouse particle effect react component
  • ImageTrailEffects - A set of effects for mouse-following image trails that show a random series of images.
  • webgl-mouseover-effects - Demos for the tutorial on how to achieve an interactive mouseover/hover effect
  • cursor-effectss - Only 90’s kids remember… well not really, but these beloved effects that would follow your mouse around will always be classic reminders of the old, beloved internet.
  • mouse-text-shadow - CSS shadow effect & JavaScript mouse move
  • vuepress-plugin-cursor-effects - Add a cute click effect to your mouse in your vuepress!
  • jquery-animate3d - jQuery plugin that gives elements a 3d mouse over effect
  • magneticHover - magneticHover lets you trigger hover effect on the element when the cursor is near it, but not over it yet
  • react-tilt - Parallax tilt hover effect for React JS - tilt.js
  • hover3d - Simple jQuery plugin for 3d Hover effect

Css 3D Effect

  • quintessential-css-cube - The Quintessential Responsive 3D CSS Cube
  • Tarjetas-3D - Código del Tutorial de Tarjetas 3D usando HTML5 y CSS3
  • 3dtransforms-3D - Intro to CSS 3D transforms
  • Makisu - An experimental CSS 3D dropdown concept, wrapped up in a jQuery plugin.
  • cube.less - 3D (animated) cube using only CSS (Less), originally used by LeanCloud
  • super-mario - Pure CSS animated 3D Super Mario Icon
  • CSS3D.js - This experimental renderer was built for the design of Acko.net. It lets you manage simple CSS 3D objects using Three.js.
  • Solar-System - Solar System data visualisation done in HTML/CSS and a bit of Javascript.
  • css-space-shooter - An old-school arcade-style 3D shoot-em-up rendered entirely with CSS 3D transforms
  • photon - CSS 3D Lighting Engine photon.attasi.com
  • gl-css3d - Synchronize CSS 3D transformations to a WebGL scene

Image Effect

  • imagehover - Pure CSS Image Hover Effect Library
  • ImageTiltEffect - A subtle tilt effect for images. The idea is to move and rotate semi-transparent copies with the same background
  • Magnifier - Javascript library enabling magnifying glass effect on an images
  • gl-react-image-effects - universal image app that uses different gl-react components
  • StickyImageEffect - A sticky image effect for a slideshow inspired by ultanoir’s website.
  • HeatDistortionEffect - Animated haze distortion effect for images and text, with WebGL
  • ImageDraggingEffects - A set of playful dragging effects for images using various techniques..
  • bgswitcher - Switch the background-image with using effect.
  • FullImageReveal - A full image reveal effect with fancy thumbnail sliding.
  • diaporama - Diaporama is an image/video/content slideshow engine providing high quality animation effects including Kenburns effect and GLSL Transitions.
  • FollowCursor - Rotate elements to create a following effect
  • react-native-kenburns-view - KenBurns Image Effect for React Native Applications
  • vintageJS - Add a retro/vintage effect to images using the HTML5 canvas element
  • ThumbnailGridExpandingPreview - A tutorial on how to create a thumbnail grid with an expanding image preview similar to the effect seen on Google Images.
  • gridder - A jQuery plugin that displays a thumbnail grid expanding preview similar to the effect seen on Google Images..
  • MotionTransitionEffect - A speedy motion transition effect for an image slideshow.
  • tiltedpage_scroll - Create a beautiful 3D tilted effect on scroll with jQuery Tilted Page Scroll plugin

Input Effect

  • power-mode-input - PowerModeInput can make your text input box more compelling
  • TextInputEffects - Simple styles and effects for enhancing text input interactions.
  • typewriterjs - A simple yet powerful native javascript plugin for a cool typewriter effect.
  • t.js - Lightweight $.Hypertext.Typewriter
  • shuffle-text - “shuffle-text” is JavaScript text effect library such as cool legacy of Flash.
  • react-typewriter - A React component for creating typing animations.
  • t-writer.js - Native typewriter effect, without compromises or dependencies.
  • malarkey - Simulate a typewriter effect in vanilla JavaScript.
  • tinytyper - A tiny library for creating a typing effect on specified text element.
  • jquery.typer - The typewriter effect
  • Phaser-typewriter - A phaser helper for the typewriter effect

Transition Effect

Rain & Snow

  • RainEffect - Some experimental rain and water drop effects in different scenarios using WebGL, by Lucas Bebber.
  • aframe-rain - aframe-rain is Rainfall effect component for A-Frame which displays a lot of rain drop/splash objects by using instancing technique with good performance.
  • matrix-rain - The famous Matrix rain effect of falling green characters in a terminal
  • Rainbow - A text effect jquery plugin (tested with jQuery 1.6.3)
  • Snowstorm - Enterprise-grade JavaScript snow effect for the internets, setting CPUs on fire worldwide every winter since 2003.
  • snowstorm - A Snow Effect component for React. Uses Snowstorm under the hood.
  • react-snow-effect - react-snow-effect.
  • snowy - A HTML5 snow effect with random generated snow flakes.
  • the-matrix-effect - The incredible effect of rain of letters in the style of the Matrix trilogy.
  • smoke.js - Small but good javascript smoke effect

Button Effect

  • MagneticButtons - A set of buttons with a magnetic interaction and a hover effect.
  • ElasticProgress - Creates a button that turns into a progress bar with a elastic effect. Based on the Dribbble shot
  • vue-particle-buttons - A bursting particles effects buttons component
  • nativescript-shine-button - NativeScript plugin that add shine effect to your button.
  • react-parallax-button - Bring your react buttons to next level with parallax effect.
  • RippleButton - A Kony Visualizer reusable component of a button with a Material Theme ripple effect.
  • css-ripple-effect - Pure CSS (no JavaScript) implementation of Android Material design “ripple” animation.
  • ParticleEffectsButtons - A little library that can be used for bursting particles effects on buttons and other elements

Loading Effect

  • PageLoadingEffects - Modern ways of revealing new content using SVG animations.
  • Asset-Loading-Effects - Loading effects for assets including some built in animated reveals
  • fakeLoader - fakeLoader.js is a lightweight jQuery plugin that helps you create an animated spinner with a fullscreen loading mask to simulate the page preloading effect.
  • LoadEffect - Distributed Load Testing in Javascript-like Scripting Language.
  • Whirl - CSS loading animations with minimal effort!
  • three-dots - 🔮 CSS loading animations made by single element.
  • ArtWorx-xLoader - Pure css cross-browser loading animations.
  • css-page-loader - Lightweight CSS loading animations to use when page loads

Audio Effect

  • Audio-Input-Effects - Live Audio Input effects
  • beez - 100% web real-time audio experiment using smartphones as effect controller. (tech: Android Chrome + WebRTC + Web Audio API)
  • soundbank - Simple Web Audio API based reverb effect.
  • SoundEffectManager - A simple sound effect manager for playing sounds using the awesome HTML 5 Web Audio API
  • soma-fm-player - SomaFM Music Player Web-App

WebCam Effect

SVG Animations

  • bounty - Javascript and SVG odometer effect library with motion blur
  • DistortedLinkEffects - Some ideas for decorative link distortion effects using SVG filters
  • menu-animations - Four different menu animations for menu button toggle between hamburger, cross and back icon.
  • circle-svg-animation - Circle SVG Animation
  • OrganicShapeAnimations - Some shape morphing hover effects on images using SVG clipPath.
  • FancyLetterAnimation - An experimental SVG letter animation inspired by the Dribbble shot “Shading Letters in Illustrator” by Jake Bartlett’s. Powered by Julian Garnier’s anime.js.
  • IsometricCityAnimation - This is a simple svg isometric city animation with GSAP
  • lazy-line-painter - Lazy Line Painter - A Modern JS library for SVG path animation
  • jquery-drawsvg - Lightweight, simple to use jQuery plugin to animate SVG paths
  • svg-animation - The Illusion of Life: An SVG Animation Case Study


Other Effect

  • lottie-sample - Demo after effect animation on web using Lottie
  • webEffects - jQuery Parallax is a script that simulates the parallax effect as seen
  • MobileComponent - dynamic effect component on mobile web
  • frosted-glass - Add a live frosted glass blur effect over any type of web content, including text.
  • pickout - Cool and powerful effect to select fields. Javascript vanilla and ~2kb gzipped
  • dissolve-generator - Cool 2D dissolve effect generator
  • redux-reducer-side-effects - Easy to follow side effect library for redux reducers
  • starry.night - The Starry Night animation in put.io’s hero banner
  • bad-tv-shader - Simulates a bad TV via horizontal distortion and vertical roll.
  • map-effects-100 - Cool tips to design UI/UX on Leaflet maps.
  • svg-Circus - Create cool animated SVG spinners, loaders and other looped animations in seconds.
  • jsfx - This is a JavaScript library for sound effect generation and is supported on most current browsers.
  • aquarelle - Aquarelle is a watercolor effect component.
  • glitch - A glitched effect for DOM elements.
  • spread - Spread is a small experiment leveraging simple CSS3D transforms to create a colored plane.
  • firealgorithm - A playground of experiments related to the Doom fire effect implemented in JavaScript. Feel free to submit your experiment with a Pull Request.
  • EyeCandy - Animated images that are superficially attractive and entertaining but intellectually undemanding.
  • animatelo - Animatelo is a bunch of cool, fun, and cross-browser animations for you to use in your projects


Contributions welcome! We welcome all contributions, especially by those who worked through the list and noticed some missing / unclear information! Please use the pull requests to discuss about the usefulness of a change.



This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License.

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